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Whisky Tastings

We will be offering a Whiskey 101 class in the shop on a monthly basis. This will be a great opportunity to get a feel
for what whisky is all about and try a wee sample of various selections throughout the  different regions of Scotland.
Typically, you will start with a nice blend and finish with a nice smokey whisky from Isaly, like an Ardbeg or Laphroaig.

This class is meant to open your mind to the rhealm of whisky. We will explain the delicate process that leads up to
the spirit making its way into the barrel and what makes them taste so different from one another (All single malts are made up of only 3 incredients: barley, yeast, and water).

In the end, you will be able to talk “whisky” with anyone.

Tastings: Advanced

When we have a special tasting coming up, we will put them up on our Facebook
and website. The locations will vary, but we will let you know well in advance.

Yes, we have plenty of ideas on what we will be doing in the future, but we are always up for suggestions.

You can always call or stop in to see what is coming up as well.

Tastings: Private

If you have an event and want a Private tasting with your friends, collegues or customer. Contact us, we can set up some tastings for you.

Tasting Schedule 2016


DatesTastingPlacePrice *
20/01/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
10/02/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
17/02/2016Independents featuring Adelphi, Signatory, OMC, etc.Wine ChambersNZ$94.00
16/03/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
23/03/2016GlenrothesWine ChambersNZ$79.00
13/04/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
20/04/2016CampeltownWine chambersNZ$79.00
11/05/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
25/05/2016Bourbon ExtravaganzaWine ChambersNZ$69.00
08/06/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
15/06/2016IslayWine ChambersNZ$94.00
13/07/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
20/07/2016The Isles featuring Mull, Skye, Arran, Orkney, and JuraWine ChambersNZ$79.00
10/08/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
17/08/2016Tomintoul/Glencadam (3 each one)Wine ChambersNZ$74.00
14/09/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
21/09/20165th Anniversary Tasting. Whisky with the accompanying Sherry, Port, Wine, etc.Wine ChambersNZ$129.00
12/10/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
19/10/2016EdradourWine ChambersNZ$84.00
16/11/2016Whisky 101House of WhiskeyNZ$25.00
23/11/2016Kavalan/Amrut (3 each one)Wine ChambersNZ$79.00

* prices per person, and are subject to change



Please note that this is not an actual reservation, but only a request for one. We will contact you for a confirmation shortly after. Thank you!

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